Feb 28, 2008

Samples of Children

Here are a few samples of the children that I have drawn over the years. The latest one is at the top. Click on each picture to enlarge it.

About The Artist

I am a self-taught artist who lives and works in Texas. I began drawing when I was very young, although I didn't start drawing pencil portraits until I was about eighteen. I grew up in a family with a diverse range of talents, and even though I watched my mom create many beautiful landscape oil paintings, my talents seemed to take a different path. I have always loved children, photography, and art, so I decided to combine my interests and talents, and start doing what I really enjoy, which is drawing those sweet little faces that tug at my heart.
I credit my jump into portraits to two things, a book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards and a jacket cover on a Neil Diamond record. With the techniques in the book and the inspirational picture on the front cover of the jacket, I successfully completed my first portrait. Since then, I have been inspired by the many small faces I see in photos.

My very first official portrait. August 1977