Mar 26, 2008


Ordering is easy!

1. How many subjects will be in your portrait?

2. Would you like to pay with a check, cashiers check, or money order?

3. Email the above information to
and I will respond and tell you where to send the pictures
you want me to use.

4. I will put you on a waiting list. Once on the list, it could
take 1 week to 2 months to finish your portrait depending
on how many orders I have. When I am ready to draw your
portrait, I will require a 50% non-refundable deposit to get
started. Keep checking the blog for updates on how your
portrait is coming along.

5. When the portrait is finished and you are satisfied, I will send an invoice for the final payment plus shipping fees. I will mail your portrait after receiving the final payment.

6. If you have any questions, email me at

Mar 20, 2008

How To Care For Your Portrait

Your portrait is drawn on 300 Series Strathmore Bristol paper with graphite pencils. This is a heavy weight acid free paper with a smooth finish, which is excellent for pencil drawings. Your portrait will come unframed so you can frame it to fit your decor and style.

There are a few things to consider when you receive your portrait:
  • Handle your portrait by the edges and do not touch the surface as the graphite might smudge or you might leave oils from your fingers on the surface of the paper, which could possibly damage it.

  • It is best to have it framed as soon as possible and I recommend that your portrait be matted when you frame it. The mat will separate the drawing from the glass, so there is less chance of any surface damage.
  • Do not hang your portrait in an area of high heat, humidity, or direct sunlight as this can fade or damage the portrait.

Choosing a Photo

Choose a good photo of your child.

The photo should be sharp and in focus, especially the face. Natural lighting makes great photos, especially outdoors in the shade where your child won't have to squint. If your subject is too far away from the camera, the details of the face won't show and it will be hard to draw. Choose instead, a head and shoulders shot of your child.

Make sure the outfit your child is wearing is one that you like, because it will be part of the drawing. Also, I do not usually include a background in the picture as it can be distracting to the portrait and I like the focus to be on the child's face. Make sure your child does not blend into the background. For example, if your child has dark hair, do not pick a photo where they are in front of a dark background as it will be hard to distinguish them from the background for drawing purposes.

You can either choose a photo you already have or start fresh and take some new ones. Just remember, I can only draw what the photo shows, so the better the photo, the better the drawing. The photo can be in black and white or color, but the drawing will be done with graphite pencil.

If you are having a portrait made with two or more children, and have them in separate photos, it's okay. I can draw them together to create a montage. No problem.


Prices* are as follows:

  • One subject - $70 for a 9x12
  • Two subjects - $120 for an 11x14
  • Three subjects - $160 for a 14x17
  • Four subjects - $200 for a 16x20
  • More than 4 subjects, contact me for price and size

*Prices DO NOT reflect shipping charges.