Dec 17, 2011

Newest Project

     Wow! It has been awhile. My newest project should hopefully get me on the path again. I was asked to do a portrait for a friend, of one of her friend's parents, for Christmas. The parents have passed away and this picture will be a smaller version of a very old photo that was turning funny colors due to age. Here is the original photo....

.....and here is the version I will use to draw from, to create a smaller version that will fit the space where it will hang.

Okay, I have the mom done and started the little girl. This picture is a lot smaller than ones I have done in the past and the picture is dark and slightly blurry in spots, so certain areas have been a little harder and more challenging, but it is coming along. These drawings are so hard to get a picture of to really show what it looks like in real life.
 I finished the little girl except for some minor touchups and shadings. It was a cloudy day so the picture is more gray than normal. Now, on to the father.

Well, it's finished. It is so gray and not sunny outside that it has been hard to get a good decent picture of it. This will have to do. It turned out pretty good and looks, oh, so much better in person.